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  Online Timeline Followback  
  The Online Timeline Followback (O-TLFB) is a web-based version of the Timeline Followback interview assessment originally developed and copyrighted by Sobell & Sobell (2000). The O-TFLB derives subjects' retrospective daily estimates of alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking patterns over a 1-month period. Using a calendar as a visual aid, special events, and other memory cues, participants are guided through the process of recalling and reporting daily drinking and smoking estimates.  
  Development and validation of this measure was conducted within the Clinical Addiction Research Laboratory at the University of Chicago by Dr. Andrea King. Results are reported in the following publication:  
  Rueger, S.Y., Trela, C.J., Palmeri, M., King, A.C.(2012). Self-administered web-based timeline followback procedure for drinking and smoking behaviors in young adults.J. Stud. Alcohol Drugs, 72, 829-833  

The code for this O-TLFB is offered free of charge and may be utilized and modified as needed.

  • No guarantee or warranty of any kind is provided.
  • Modifications to the code may be required for customization
  The code utilizes a MySQL database and is hosted on an open source file sharing site (  
  Questions about this measure may be directed to Patrick McNamara (; however, we are unable to provide substantial technical assistance.