Hormones &
Mood Study





 Experimental Sessions

  After it has been determined that you are eligible to participate and you agree to enroll, you will attend
   two separate experimental sessions (scheduled at your convenience). Each session lasts about
   4 - 5 hours and starts at 9:00 AM. All sessions take place at the Clinical Addictions Research Laboratory at the    University of Chicago

  During each session, you will:
      • Consume a breakfast and a snack (special accommodations due to dietary restrictions can be arranged)

      • Swallow a pill that will either contain Naltrexone or placebo

      • Complete various questionnaires regarding your current mood.

      • Provide blood samples, saliva samples, and blood pressure readings

      • Watch TV or request a movie from our selective list during portions of the sessions when measures
        are not being taken

      • Your participation in this study will remain completely confidential. We ensure this by:

               All participant's information is coded by a 3-digit subject number
               Access to all data is limited only to the research team

               No individual results will be published
               Information obtained via the Internet is kept secure utilizing SSL-encryption
               The study has a Certificate of Confidentiality through the National Institute of Health

               The study is reviewed and fully approved by the University of Chicago
                 Instutional Review Board

            Please contact us if you have any questions about our privacy policies and methods.


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Study conducted by Dr. Andrea King in the Biological Sciences Division at The University of Chicago Hospitals.

Please direct all inquiries regarding the website to:

Patrick McNamara