Hormones &
Mood Study





 Study Commitments

   Participating in the Hormones and Mood Study will require the following time commitments:

      • Filling out online application survey: ~5-10 minutes
      • Completing brief phone interview to verify eligibility: ~5-10 minutes
      • Attending one, in-person screening session: 2-2 1/2 hours
      • Completing two experimental sessions: 4-5 hours / each

   We also ask that participants commit to:

      • Providing honest and precise information
      • Completing all experimental sessions
      • Arriving on time for each session and rescheduling with 24 hour notice
      • Female participants will be asked to keep track of their menstrual cycle


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Study conducted by Dr. Andrea King in the Biological Sciences Division at The University of Chicago Hospitals.

Please direct all inquiries regarding the website to:

Patrick McNamara